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    Buying a sprayer

    Do you supply spare batteries for the Vycel 4?

    Yes, we have a complete list of spare parts which can be purchased separately.

    What is the battery life of the Vycel 4 and square foot achievable?

    The battery life is 3 hours which will give you approximately 4 full tanks of continuous spray. The square footage achievable on a single tank is 15,000 sq ft or 1,400 sq m.

    How long does the Vycel 4 battery take to charge?

    To charge the battery up fully takes approximately 110 minutes.

    What is the Daily Disinfectant Solution?

    The Daily Disinfectant Solution contains 99.36% water and two Quaternary Ammonium compounds, Alkyldimethlbenzyl Ammonium Chloride (ADBAC) and Didecyldimethyl Ammonium Chloride (DDAC). Both are well known effective disinfectants. The Daily Disinfectant Solution has been tested at two UKAS accredited labs and has passed the EN14476, EN1276 & EN13697 standards with a 30 second contact time.

    How much Vycel solution do you need to use e.g., per litre?

    One litre of Vycel disinfectant solution will cover approximately 3500 sq ft or 325 sq m.

    Does the Vycel solution affect smoke alarms?

    No, Vycel anti-microbial disinfectant solutions are water-based, so when used in line with Vycel guidelines the spray will not affect smoke alarms.

    What is the difference between fogging and electrostatic spraying?

    Fogging and electrostatic spraying are different technologies. Foggers were originally developed for pest control and little research has been done into their safety as a disinfectant method. The particles used in fogging are normally sized between 10-30um. Fogging relies entirely on gravity and requires the area to be completely evacuated prior, due to the tiny particle size and associated inhalation and respiratory risk. Once the fogging has been completed, the area must remain sealed off for a minimum of 4 hours before it is recommended persons re-enter the area. An Electrostatic Sprayer protects against viruses by delivering a positively charged water-based antimicrobial spray, creating a mist that is attracted to and evenly coats and wraps surfaces, disinfecting the air it passes through, with no need for anyone to evacuate as it is safe to use around people. The Vycel 4 delivers the particles through a 40 micron nozzle so is safe for persons to be in the areas being treated.

    Is there training available?

    With the purchase of a Vycel 4, you receive an instruction manual with all you need to know to be able to confidently use the equipment. We also have instructional videos available, and should you feel the need for extra information, training is available. Get in touch with a member of the team on email contact@vycel.com to enquire.

    Can I spray electrical items?

    It is not recommended to spray directly on to electrical items. Spraying the air around electrical items can be carried out but care must be taken to avoid any risk of overspraying.

    Does the solution leave a smear on glass and metal?

    No, when our Daily Disinfectant Solution is sprayed on glass it will dry leaving no marks at all. We have not included a surfactant in our Daily Disinfectant Solution - this is the ingredient that can leave a sticky or milky residue on surfaces if it is not rubbed in with a cloth.

    How long does the solution take to dry?

    Correctly applied the solution will take one to two minutes to dry.

    How far away do you spray from?

    It is recommended that the user sprays from a distance of 1 - 2 metres.

    Do's and dont's when spraying?

    Do spray from high to low, use a figure of eight motion, keep moving and keep a distance of 1-2 meters from objects being sprayed. Do not stand still and spray, do not overspray, do not walk into the spray, do not allow the Vycel 4 unit to get wet.

    Do I need PPE?

    PPE is not a requirement, however we do recommend that for prolonged spraying of larger areas a face mask would be a sensible precaution.

    Does the Vycel 4 need cleaning out after use, or can you keep the solution in the tank?

    The solution can remain in the tank and cleaning is not required after every use. We recommend periodic cleaning of the nozzle to prevent any build up of disinfectant in this area.

    Do you supply videos and info sheets?

    Yes, you will find videos on our website here and we have data sheets on our Vycel 4 and our Daily Disinfectant Solution along with Safety Data Sheets which are available upon request.

    Are you able to wear gloves with the backpack?

    Yes, we have carried out testing wearing latex, rubber and cloth gloves and the output is the same as without gloves.

    How many times should I be disinfecting daily?

    This depends on your premises. We are more than happy to discuss recommended intervals with you. Get in contact with one of our team and we'd be happy to chat through your needs.

    Is the solution harmful to health?

    The solution is not harmful and not covered by COSHH regulations. Read our Safety Data Sheet for full information on this.

    Does the Vycel 4 come with an instruction manual?

    Yes, your Vycel 4 includes an operation manual and also a handy quick start guide to help you get disinfecting right away.

    How much does the Vycel 4 weigh empty and full?

    The unit weighs 3.2kg when empty and 7.2kg when full. The Vycel 4 is designed to be a lightweight and ergonomic electrostatic sprayer.

    Are the solutions safe to use on all surface materials?

    Yes, extensive testing has been carried out with testing having been conducted on many surfaces.

    Does the solution dry clear on mirrors and glass?

    Yes, the Vycel solution does not contain any cleaning agent or surfactant and therefore will not leave unsightly marks on glass or shiny surfaces.

    Do I need to wipe the solution off after use?

    There is no need to wipe surfaces after spraying, in fact wiping the area will reduce the effectiveness of the solution.

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