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    What is Electrostatic Technology?

    Electrostatics is a technological solution that will kill pathogens everywhere with up to a 99.99% kill rate when combined with a safe and effective disinfecting liquid

    Understanding the technology

    The Vycel 4 positively charges every molecule so they repel each other in the air, creating a fine mist that is attracted to negatively surfaces, giving 100% coverage.

    Vycel has embraced this technology to create an electrostatic sprayer that delivers a water-based antimicrobial virucidal liquid, proven in independent tests to be up to 99.9% effective against Covid-19, SARS and other pathogens, when used with Vycel's Daily Disinfectant Solution.

    The detail behind the science

    Our Vycel Electrostatic Sprayer delivers a positively charged water based antimicrobial spray through its tiny 40-micron nozzle. These positively charged particles repel each other thereby creating a mist that evenly coats and wraps surfaces that they meet.

    The electrostatic technology uses up to 75% less chemical solutions than traditional disinfecting methods and takes a fraction of the time to apply. Vycel has developed its product to create a world-beating solution to pathogen protection.

    Available to buy

    The Vycel 4 is now available to order.


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