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    Electrostatic Disinfection - Leaving pathogens with nowhere to hide

    Harnessing the latest technology and knowledge, we provide solutions to the physical threats posed by infection, creating and protecting spaces where we can all live and work safely and give peace of mind.

    About Vycel - 


    Safeguarding against pathogens for the next generation

    The world is currently in unprecedented times from the impact of Covid-19. Companies and organisations are having to adapt and revise their methods to keep their staff and customers safe.

    It’s our mission to provide the global community with peace of mind by alleviating the physical threats of pathogens. We work to ensure every surface is protected, leaving pathogens with nowhere to hide.

    The lessons learned from Covid-19 will not be forgotten.

    Vycel Electrostatic Spray Technology

    Vycel has developed its product to create a world class answer to pathogen protection - each litre of our Vycel Daily Solution that passes through our Electrostatic Sprayer delivers billions of particles of disinfectant solution every 10 minutes, covering up to 15,000 sq ft from one single tank.

    Our  manufacturing partners facility has a production area of 35,000 sq m with medical grade technology. Unlike other manufacturers Vycel provides a one stop shop encompassing the machine and our daily solution, providing peace of mind.

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