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    Positive Pathogen Protection

    Welcome to the future of pathogen protection Combining Vycel tech Vycel solutions

    Our Vycel Technology protects against pathogens by delivering a positively charged water-based antimicrobial spray, creating a mist that evenly coats and wraps surfaces. Disinfecting all surfaces rapidly and with ease.

    Leaving pathogens nowhere to hide.

    Electrostatic Technology - 


    Outdated cloth and spray are inefficient cleaning methods of the past.

    Vycel is the future.

    Leading brands dwell time 5 minutes Vycel dwell time 30 seconds
    Coats and wraps surfaces effectively
    Disinfects an area in 25% of the time

    Vycel 4

    Specifically designed to deliver the optimum spray coverage to weight ratio for electrostatics sprayers.

    Products - 

    Further Support

    Much needed
    peace of mind

    Vycel also offers a range of solutions to help you and your customers know they are in safe hands. Speak to us about:

    • Independent virology testing
    • Protected by Vycel stickers
    • Point of sale materials
    • Support materials

    Available to buy

    The Vycel 4 is now available to order.


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    For businesses of all sizes, we can help you protect with Vycel.